MyLand Webinar: Elevating Pistachio Farming Through Improved Soil Health

MyLand Webinar: Elevating Pistachio Farming
Through Improved Soil Health

Join Justin Wylie and Amy Rial for an insightful conversation on Justin’s transition to sustainable farming practices on his pistachio orchards, focusing on soil health. The webinar highlights how healthier soil enhances profitability, improves tree health, and minimizes costly chemical inputs.

  • Learn methods to reduce input dependencies, maintain crop quality, and avoid setbacks.
  • Discover how improved soil health reduces tree stress, saves water, and the role of microbial abundance and microalgae for soil health.
  • Hear Justin’s firsthand stories on overcoming challenges, flood impacts, tree recovery from phytophthora, and the parallels between human health and next-generation farming practices.

Justin Wylie – Farm Manager
Justin is a fifth-generation farmer and partner at Wiley Farms, a family business specializing in regenerative farm management of pistachios, almonds, and citrus. Justin also serves on the American Pistachio Growers sustainability committee.

Amy Rial – Senior Agriculture Researcher, MyLand
Amy is an agronomist and CCA with 10 years in the agricultural industry. At MyLand, Amy assists with research that showcases the success of our growers. She was recently honored on the Fruit & Vegetable 40 Under 40 list.